Keyboard Scheme that You Should Memorize to Help You Type Faster

If you see people typing with ten fingers without taking a glance at the keyboard at all, you definitely wonder how on earth do they do it, especially if you still typing with only your index fingers. If you want to type faster, of course you can always take typing lessons for beginners. Those lessons will teach you the most important thing in fast touch typing which is memorizing the keyboard scheme. So, what is the keyboard scheme actually? Does it hard to master it? Well, let’s find out below.

The Keyboard Scheme

Keyboard scheme makes typing with ten fingers easier because it points on which finger you should use to press a certain key. All free typing lessons for beginners definitely will start with this lesson. This configuration also will make typing less exhausting because every finger will get basically the same work load.

How to Memorize It

The hardest part of the lesson is to memorize the keyboard scheme. Of course you should remember it well because if you don’t, you will never master the art of typing fast. Even though it seems very difficult, there are actually some tricks that you can use to memorize the keyboard scheme.

First of all, do you notice that there is a slight bump on F and J key? You can use that as a hint to navigate through the keyboard. That is where you will put your index fingers and if you lost, just bring back your fingers to the start point.

After that, maybe you can try to color code your keyboard. Simply put certain color for certain finger and keyboards. The color will stimulate your eyes, making remembering the scheme easier. Once you can memorize the scheme, simply peel off the color from the keyboard and practice typing without the color guidance.

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