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Read this Before Finding the Best Hiking Poles

Hiking poles have been very useful to trekkers, backpackers, day walkers or any kind of outdoor adventurers. However it still comes to a surprise that many of those adventurers, have no idea on how to use hiking poles to their full advantage.

Before anything else, hiking poles were obviously designed for support while trekking. They are made to help trekkers movies easier and quicker across terrains. With this hiking takes less effort so it becomes more fun. However, there is more to hiking poles than what most people know.

When hiking poles are used correctly, the body takes less effort and stress because it has better posture. Moreover, as the body increases heart rate, the user is able to go further with ease because there is less exhaustion. With hiking poles, the legs will not be strained because the effort is distributed throughout the body.
The Art of Mastering Gear

Most people are not aware of the purpose of the two points of impact that hiking poles are designed to have. These two contact points offer better stability for the user even on unfamiliar terrains. This makes trekking unfamiliar grounds safer for the user. Most importantly, the right use of hiking poles decrease the risk of slipping down.
Understanding Products

It does not matter if yours is the best brand if you know nothing about how to use hiking poles correctly. It starts the moment you set it up. Beside buying poles of the correct size for you, it has to be the right height. Also, there is a purpose to those straps. It helps you maintain grip on the pole even if you slip or stumble. Without these straps, you will tend to grip too hard around the pole. Relax as you grip around the poles because this benefit your body.

Users do not often know what the baskets at the tip are for. They keep poles from sinking into the ground when the surface is too soft. Again, the purpose is support especially on very soft and slippery ground.

An added tip is to use two pairs of poles. It is not that necessary but it is better to be extra safe. Another extra tip is to move sideways when it gets too steep.

Moving on is how to use hiking poles when walking downhill. The poles must be a bit to the font of the walker’s body. This is to balance the impact of going downhill, thus better support.

On the other hand, here is how to use hiking poles when going uphill. Pros advice to shorten the poles as you will be using them to push yourself up not pull yourself up the hill. Do not use the poles as anchor as you put all your weight on it while going upwards. View website for more information.

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