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When to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney To consider hiring a workers’ compensation attorney when you have been injured in your workplace will depend on the severity of your injury and the overall complication, if any, of your case. Workers’ compensation attorney are lawyers who help workers recover compensation such as medical bills and lost wages for injuries that these workers encountered in their workplace. Compensation and other benefits are granted to workers who have been injured on their job by the workers’ compensation laws. In situations, like the following – when you suffered a minor injury such as a twisted ankle or a cut needing a few stitches, when the work time was not missed or was missed a little due to the injury, when the employer accepted and documented your injury in your work area, and when there are no pre-existing conditions, you may not necessarily need to hire a lawyer. But then again, it is still a good idea to consult a workers’ compensation attorney to get an honest appraisal of your case so he/she can alert you on possible pitfalls.
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The moment that there are complications in your case, then it is time to hire for a lawyer. The following are possible complications that may arise in your case – when your employer denies your claim or you fail to receive your benefits promptly, your employer’s settlement offer does not cover all your medical bills or lost wages, your medical issues prevent you from returning to work, when there is social security benefits, when your employer retaliates you from asking for filing a compensation claim, and when you have a potential third-party claim.
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When you have finally gotten a lawyer, he/she will try to develop a thorough documentation of the medical evidence showing the severe condition of the injury. With a thorough and investigative medical evidence established by your lawyer, this will negate any contradictory medical report provided by independent doctors who work for insurance companies. Moreover, your lawyer can help estimate the worth of your case and appraise on any settlement offers on a more accurate computation. But even if the workers’ compensation system has the intention to protect and to compensate injured workers, still the reality is that the system looks as if the employers and insurance companies are more benefited. Be wise to know that insurance companies make profit by hiring expert lawyers to thwart on your case resulting into a reduced compensation claim, so that it is imperative that you look for an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Getting a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer will definitely go a long way to turning the scales in your favor.

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